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Primary school
Math is cumulative. Hidden gaps from years ago prevent students from learning now. Levebee identifies the gaps and explains in plain language how to help a student in and beyond the app. Hundreds of personalized, evidence-based exercises ensure maximum independent learning. With Levebee, anyone can help any child master and love math 💛.

Trusted by 500 schools and 400,000 students

Finding objects (two criteria)


Identifying left and right (facing others)

Spatial awereness

Completing groups of 0-5 (1 or 2 more than, 1 or 2 fewer then)


Completing number patterns 0-5 (stairs)

Numbers 0-5

Identifying numbers of objects taken away 0-5

Numbers 0-5

Matching numbers (0-5)

Addition and subtraction within 5

Representing number bonds 2-5 using blocks

Addition and subtraction within 5

Finding difference between a given number and 15 or 20

Addition and subtraction within 20

Solving word problems for addition and subtraction within 100

Addition and subtraction within 100

Matching shadows


Identify barriers to student learning 

Forget about percentiles and grade levels. Levebee's diagnostic assessment explains in plain English why a particular student is having trouble learning new concepts and provides personalized, easy-to-follow recommendations on how to help them.

Screen an entire class in just 15 minutes

Thanks to an adaptive algorithm, audio instructions, contextual feedback, QR code login, and hundreds of other small details, the diagnostic assessment can be administered to the entire class at once via tablets.

Understand how math skills are interrelated from an early age

Levebee automatically personalizes exercises for each student according to the progression model of math mastery. The pedagogical logic behind it is explained every step of the way and you are always in control. You can even help children with hidden gaps in early math concepts.

Support more students at once

Levebee reduces the need for supervision during remedial classes thanks to hundreds of evidence-based exercises with AI-powered feedback. They cover math vocabulary, modeling with virtual manipulatives, time-based games for fluency, word problems for independent problem solving, and more.

Get kids thinking more about math, not less

We've made sure that Levebee is fun, but not a distraction from learning. There are no avatar customizations, unnecessary animations, or side stories. Yet kids still perceive it as a game.

Ensure SEND students and English language learners are not left behind

Accessibility makes fun. Levebee is enjoyed by students with reading difficulties, autism, ADHD, visual impairments, cognitive limitations, or non-native speakers.

What do teachers say?

"It's only with Levebee that I find out what I didn't discover and should have done with the children in first grade. Now they are fourth graders, and through diagnostics, we are discovering which "step" in the curriculum they are stuck on and can't progress further because they are missing so many steps between the 1st and 4th grade curriculum."

"The app gives me a clear picture of what I should work on more with the children, where they are struggling and what I should focus on."


"Thanks to Levebee, children like math and see it as a fun activity. It's not just a game as a reward after learning, but real game-based learning."


"The app helped the students not only in math but also in gaining more confidence and improving their self-image."


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